Fancy Golden Silver


Shaded Silver MALE, his name is MARCOS, ready to go NOW.            AVAILABLE


Shaded Silver Female, her name is NOEMI, ready to go NOW.


                                                  LAST UPDATE:  SEPT 28/2019.  


​                       NO PHOTOSHOP IN OUR KITTENS PHOTOS!!!!!     


The kitty will travel with vaccinations, dewormed two time, vaccination record, CFA Register. Health Certificate, Contract spay/ neutered, Leukemia free, PKD free.

Frequent questions:
--Can we go see the cats at your home?

The answer is NO, we do not put our family and children at risk to accommodate customers, we deliver our kitty"s in public places, safe places with cameras.

--Can I reserve a kitty without a deposit?

The answer is no, you must put a deposit of 250.00 dollars to reserve your kitty, on our Deposit on a kittens page. The balance can be in cash or Via Paypal, we do not accept personal checks, or money orders.

--You deliver the kitty with health certificate and health guarantee?

Yes, our cats are healthy, they are delivered with health certificate and health guarantee and contract spay/neutered.

Can I change the kitten's food when he is with me?

It is not advisable to change the kitten's food because the new food can cause diarrhea

The kittens are delivered in other states?

Yes, we ship our kittens Via United Airline preferably on weekends, the shipping in Florida is free