I am Edith Forbes, and I want to express my gratitude for this kitten named Pilo, he has given me back the desire to live, he and Sol are my two treasures, thank you for all your attention and for being so special with me. I am very happy with my cat, he is very intelligent, Thank you Joel and Gloria for your dedication with these beautiful kittens, from the depths of my heart. Thank you.

Edith Forbes.

Miami Gardens. Florida.

Dear Gloria, we want to thank you for our baby, she is adapting to her new home and all the toys we have for her, she is eating well and is very playful and agile. Thank you very much for your dedication and good upbringing of our baby. We will send you new photos in a few days so you can see how it is growing. God bless you much.

Ana & Robin.

West Palm Beach. Florida.


My lovely Gloria
I just wanted to thank you soooo much from the bottom of my heart for my adorable new baby!!!  He is absolutely purrfect!!!!!   
I have him at home now and have left his little bag open so he can come out when he’s ready.  His dry food, sandbox and water are ready for him. Will take him out of the bag in an hour or so if he doesn’t come out by himself and show him around the house.
Will keep you updated on him and send pictures of him frequently so you know your little son is doing well in his new home.
All our love and kindest regards with utmost appreciation,

Tony and Wendy
Coconut Grove, Florida.


Fancy Golden Silver


Dear Gloria, Thank you so much for my beautiful female kitten! From the time that my kitten was born until I received her, I had the best communication! Very professional and very kind ! Would recommend to anyone! 

Krystal P.

Kendal. Florida.

Our experience in buying a Silver Persian was 100% positive. Our kitten is absolutely beautiful .. much more than in the photos and with a perfect personality for us that we have small children, she is loving and playful. The attention given by Mr. Joel & Gloria from FancyGoldenSilrverPersians was "Excellent" we followed his recommendations and everything was satisfactory when we got home with the new member of our family. On the other hand they offer affordable prices and the best in the market. 100% recommend to FancyGoldenSilverPersian.com and we would also buy again with them!

Thank you so much for everything!
Bezara-Briceno Family, Naples, Florida.


Dear Gloria. Thank you very much for your attention and care for our kitten. We are very happy with him, he is eating well and he spends all day playing, he knows us and he comes very happy towards our meeting. We want in the future another one so that you are not alone and have someone to play with. We want to recommend a friend who wants a kitten. Thank you very much for your advice, we have been very useful. God bless you.

Marlen Smith.

Naples. Florida.


Dear Gloria. We are happy with our kitten, we want to let her know that she is very well, she spends all day playing, she is very sociable and she is eating very well, we named her Samantha. We will send you new photos in a few days, it is growing very well. Thanks for all your advice and concern. God bless you very much.

Carys Weis.
Atlanta Georgia.